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What happens when you transition from Standard American Diet to Biologically Compatible Nutrition?

What is this all about? Aren't we just doing a nutrition plan?

This is the way your body was designed to run using fuel that does not stem from processed, manufactured, altered synthetic, or foods from nature designed not to be eaten by human kind.

"Making one big change for the better opens up your entire world to long lasting happiness and self betterment. This is about your entire life, not just changing your food."

“Weight loss happens naturally when the body is not burdened by toxic ingredients and excess life stress. Similar to when a woman is trying to get pregnant under much duress and external pressures, the body simply will not begin to create life until the stressor is gone. So we must confront our problems.”

When we begin to balance key parts to our life such as, good rest, good nutrition, regular exercise and compatible relationships in our life and most importantly handling problems head on! Only then do we begin to experience joy both in mind an body. All changed should begin when we are in alignment mentally spiritually and physically for the best results.

Beginning your new journey

The first thing to consider when you begin any change is to first sit with the idea in mind for 1-2 weeks.

You have a mind and an emotional element that reactions to external stimuli in your environment--so you need to understand that at times even good change can trigger the mind considering a change to produce either a positive or negative reaction, based on earlier similar experience.

I will give you an example from Jill. Jill is a Nurse, a mother of 4 children, works 12 hrs. per day, cooks the children their food first, baths, then beds then meets in the kitchen with her husband Dan when he arrives home usually around 9.30pm they finally sit down to eat 9.40pm. She has been nibbling and pecking at all the wrong foods due to long hours, exhaustion and general problems at work. I get a call from her husband enquiring about my program from a friend who had lost huge amounts of weight on the Transition Program. So he Dan puts Jill on the phone and we have a chat about her needs and wants and how I can best help her. Basically Jill tells me she wants to lose old weight post pregnancy get fat. Jill has no chronic illness or body ails. We had a consultation booked 20th and she well... she disappeared. 2 days after her appointment date she called me and apologized. I said "what happened?" ( I knew the change would have had its effect ). Jill had used food to escape the difficulty of motherhood and work for many years, so this wasn't going to happen overnight. Jill paused then said "I don't know what the hell happened but I was really excited about doing the program then, I thought about giving up cookies and bread, which made me go crazy and eat an entire cake at the office and everything in the fridge at home later that night." Jill felt like utter crap physically and emotionally but she got on track with some coaching & goal setting and nailed the program. Jill did the program and lost 6 lbs. in the first week. After week 6 ended a total of 25lbs off the whole body. Jill did fall off the rails 3x but with my coaching system she got right back on with no guilt or punishment.

So this goes to show you that the idea of someone taking something off you, or the loss of an item that you like, will have a triggering effect. It may seem irrational and you may think what in the hell did I just go off the rails for? But without judgment and just applying a simple understanding we simply remember its about what we can HAVE in life. I say to my clients you can have this, and you can have that and everyone can accept having something before they can handle losing something. Loss is associated with death and suffering negative emotions. Think back to when you lost something. How did you feel? Was it happy, sad? Confusing? Look at that child he has his favorite toy, then someone takes it away and its world war 2.

When we apply havingness (the act of owning, having, controlling or possessing something) we relax and feel at peace. We have control over our universe. Dismantle that and you create an unstable foundation. Change in the midst of negative emotion and upheaval is never smart.

You must understand that when you change your not changing someone else, or something else.

You stand in the mirror and you face you.

You are only changing you.

And everything that has been used as a tool or means of escaping YOUR PROBLEMS AND HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT IT, weather it be your job, or your lover, or your location, will possibly surface again and this time you will face yourself and not run away into cakes, or beer or sex or the television set. Coaching is designed to get you through this! Coaching= HAVING LOVE SUPPORT AND HELP IN THE DARKNES. You will succeed with my help.

You will have the breadth and resolve to cross the canyon with the rightful tools, my help and self awareness.

The first part of this journey starts with first knowing there is an idea of change and letting it sit there for a while.

"I don't have any bloody problems! I'm just fat!" Hmm....Denial much?

“Life and its problems are at times stressful. Without proper tools to handle life's demons and temptations, we can find ourselves in a place of using situations or items as a means of temporary escape. This creates a problem. We want to handle something but we do not know how and we spiral into ________ and we never handle the crux of the problem. Hence we suffer this cycle endlessly. We wonder why we are no longer happy in life.”

I love when I have first consultations with people and they start with oh my life is fine, I have no problems but I'm fat and I want this cellulite gone." Or "no no no it's just because I'm in my 40's.

Really? Is that really true? The things we tell ourselves to justify having to face our own life.

With further investigation and a thorough look at the health/emotional history I find.

1. Money, losing too much/ Not making enough.

2. Divorce.

3. Children taking drugs.

4. Child kicked out of school.

5. Dog has cancer.

6. Addicted to X & Y.

7. Keep getting ghosted on dating apps.

8. Cant find a relationship.

9. Lonely, miserable depressed.

10. Past transgressions to self and others that one didn't fix up way back when.

When we get real straight and honest with ourselves, and stop the critical self talk, we relax and we simply look at the thing itself that is destabilizing your life. Only by doing this do we find a logical solution.

This may not be easy at first as you have been hiding from your self for some time. However with validating each time you get it right, by admitting the truth to yourself you will improve.

With much practice makes perfection. Talking to a knowledgeable source (me) helps break through personal & external barriers to overcoming life problems.

Solving Problems! Ah how do I do that?

Open and honest communication is the universal solvent of all problems.

Now lets look at the anatomy of a problem?

Lets break it down.

You have this idea your going to get an amazing new job.

You prep for the interview and it goes according to plan. 2 days go by.

It's now day 7, no word from HR. Day 10 arrives. SHIT! Bills due soon (Freak out).

Day 12, bills due, children hungry, stressed to hell. What do you do? Well, I was saving this for a special occasion....

So what happened?

1.You had a brilliant idea. You created something in the universe--you believe you could do it.

2. Someone else decided against your brilliant idea. They hired someone else and shattered your creation.

Your postulate (intention) was blocked by a counter postulate. You are now stopped and suppressed from reaching your goal= emotional turbulence, stress, illness, eating junk food or alcohol, sex or TV to quell your emotional turbulence.

"For a short time take you take yourself away from your self . You only venture far enough away that you forget for just a short while. Though when you return, and you always will--there your demon stands at the ready ."

In life we must learn how to overcome its problems without escaping into anything or any item.
The first step is to break the problem down and take a look at what the goal was that you couldn't reach and look at how we can create a workable solution without using food, sex, TV or alcohol as a band-aid. The absence of all problems brings about happiness.

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