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Are you struggling doing a Ketogenic diet? Here is where most people are going wrong!

Lets look at some of the difficulties people face when going Ketogenic style diet alone.

I am doing a Keto diet Why am I struggling I thought I was going to win at this and lose all this weight!

Ok so lets take a look at the traditional Ketogenic diet.

  1. The ketogenic diet asks to lower carbohydrate level to the effect of depleting glycogen from muscle/cell stores so that the body may then search for fat to burn as fuel.

  2. The body burns its own fat as main fuel source and you enter into ketosis. Definition of Ketosis: A pathological increase in the production of ketone bodies. A metabolic state in which the body produces ketones to be used as fuel by some organs so that glycogen can be reserved for organs that depend on it. This condition occurs during times of fasting, starvation, or while on a ketogenic weight-loss diet. Ok so there is the dictionaries definition of this particular occurrence that happens while lowering out carbohydrate.

  3. During this transitioning over period usually 7-14 days and someone's in ketosis, the body manifests changes in operation. This is noticeable for majority of people. Such manifestations of a negative nature can take place as the old cell storage of toxic putrid particles are dumped out with the fat into the blood stream and the immune system responds accordingly to handle the perceived threat. So in the blood is this toxic sludge and the immune system responds with clean up crew and detoxification begins. This is what people notice. Skin can present with inflammation such as pussy boils, a rash that is not itchy, redness with lumps, pussy pimples, general fatigue during a certain time, low energy during high sport activity and for females quite often mensuration realignment which can result in sleeping disturbance and changes in the blood flow itself, cramping changes or erratic emotions while the body is trying to realign itself to the natural rhythm. This can disturb people because it is seen as a negative side effect. Healing and realigning is what it is and if you understand how the body detoxifies toxic residues and then the time it takes to heal and rebalance to a natural rhythm, you would have much more patience with that understanding. The body can rebalance and heal using this nutrition system if it is followed 100% and understood mechanically and one is not out binging on ketogenic labels desserts and sweetened items. Your still a sugar addict.

Now lets us look at some difficulties people face doing this meal system:

*Note Those with parasites eating 20g of carbs will suffer the same effects of parasitic invasion regardless. You will not heal the body and have a normal functioning system until you remove the invaders. Certain Holistic MD's can test for parasite panels using blood and name what your dealing with. So if you require testing please do look into a MD with training in parasitology as majority are not trained in this specific area so when they test and your filled with biofilm, and do not produce a positive result yet will have parasites, you will not be confused as to what is going on. You need someone who can do the right tests and get correct scientific answers.

  1. You begin doing this way of eating and you just know to have high fat and more meat but you are stumped as to how much of everything. You go to the internet fill in some calculator for macros and it tells you this number X. You follow this and wonder why you never lost weight. It will not be accurate. You will eat too much fat and too much in general not lose weight and think it a load of bollocks and give up. Well it was just not the correct information for you.

  2. People eat way too much fat on this meal plan. WAY TOO MUCH! But Bex isn't Keto high fat? Yes it is higher fat in proportion to what you came from. It asks you to lower out carbohydrates to deplete and up the fat but if you go above what your physical body can handle you will suffer ill effects and not get the results you want. Lets take this example: If one ate too much fat at one time for their particular body and remember we always look at what state the body is in when it arrives, the gall bladder may not be able to process the fat content at once sitting. This causes issues with Gall Bladder. So many people have this upset, then they have to take Bile Salts and Enzymes to help that over loaded organ process that fat load. Think, most people have been eating processed artificially produced items for years, that body is not used to the sudden onslaught of fat rocketing through its tubes! So we must do more meat and a little under half that of fat.

  3. Fat visual example. See this pic below. It has 1 tbs pure fat and then the meat portion. The meat already includes its own fat, so with the tbs additional that would be the correct amount when starting out for each meal. When you are a veteran you might choose to fast and do one main meal in which you have a choice to do the same meat size with 1.5 tbs fat or 2. That is your decision based on activity level etc.

When you get used to this way of eating and your not having weight gains from prior body issues like Mold, or other parasites you can decide if you need less meat and keep the same fat or if you need a wee bit less fat. Woman need fat for hormones to functions, so do men--fat accompanied with the protein --the meat creates the perfect combination of what your body needs to rebuild and create new life in forms of marrow cells, blood cells etc.

4. The next issue people face is they are STILL SUGAR ADDICTS.

Living on sweets for escaping emotional feelings or boredom alone is just that. It has nothing to do with good nutrition and it only furthers addiction. Addiction is when you are controlled by something other than your own will or you are compulsively acting out something in your mind that is used as a means of escaping yourself and your problems. You must face yourself and your life and not continue the self sabotage. What are parasites favorite food? NOTHING OTHER THAN CARBS AND SWEETS AND ANTHING WITH CARBS! Your addiction is shared with someone--do you really want "something" influencing your own mind on the subject of your personal health?

5. You have prior internal damage from inflammation from heavy metals, parasites or other chronic situations, your system is not balanced yet, so when you ask it to change it is quite the stressor resulting in a bumpy ride physically. Apply the Gradual 6 week Transition Program approach here, use good supplements to aid the gut and executory systems so they may transition with ease and joy.

Gut health is of utmost importance. See my posts on the gut for further data.

To conclude, there is nothing wrong with beginning a ketogenic diet. You must just understand what you are doing in order to make that work for you. STOP THE CARB DESSERT CARB ADDICTION! (You should be eating foods that lay the foundation down to produce white cells, bone, tissue and muscle).

Keep the fat lower than the protein, keep the portion sizes right for your body and sport activity and handle any prior issues with internal health before starting. Like if the gut needs aid, or the gall bladder or stomach get that stable as you roll over. My programs do this work for you, however you will learn this for yourself so when your out alone you have all the tools to succeed.

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