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The Magnificent Carnivore Diet

What is this mysterious meat nibbling thing all about?

What exactly is it and what do they eat?

The carnivore diet is typically adopted by those who have issues with lectins, chronic illness and inflammation and require time to let the body heal. Some choose to eat this way due to it's extremely healing effect on the body and extreme weight loss ability.

Carnivore diet is traditionally:

Land Beasts:



Pork Bison Goat

Water creatures:







Muscles Clams

Land Birds:



Game hen








Some have hybridized it to add Butter, Cheese, Coffee into the mix. Some have added Romain or a dark green into their plan as a personal preference.

Earlier Diets included the Steak and egg diet created by Body Building Power house Vince Gironda (Arnold Schwarzenegger's Nutritionist and trainer).

Popular Atkins diet came in after the steak and egg diet and shortly after people discovered the Carnivore diet.

They all have high protein in common and zero carb for the most part. People always lost weight on them but found it hard to stay on long term.

I adopted a Carnivore diet when I was faced with a life threatening health issue.

When I was dealing with Mold inside my brain and body I became unable to eat anything other than meat and eggs and coffee with some dark greens like baby kale (every few weeks).

I was forced to adopt the carnivore diet. I didn't have a choice and I needed my body to stop having allergic reactions to every food like nuts and tomato paste, veggies. So I rolled over into this from a ketogenic diet that was not a good choice for my body.

I couldn't believe how amazing I felt eating steak and sometimes eggs.

I lost all that weight over time and my head cleared up, my body healed I didn't have to eat all that fat and I just felt incredible.

But Bex didn't you get bored of eating the same thing?

I absolutely did not get sick of eating steak and eggs. I could eat more than I ever could with any other way of eating. I did not get bloated, put on weight due to inflammation and my meal prep time went from 30 mins to 5. This is not a joke people!!!!

I never had to think or worry about food and this was like some god given miracle in its own right.

What was a blessing was everywhere you go there was meat and eggs in some way being offered.

It has been 3 years and I will never go back. I just love eating this way because of all the healing and wellbeing it has gifted me. It took 3 years to get really stable with the Mold issue and this diet really was key factor in wrapping up that ending to my life. Lets not forget I zapped an hour or 2 daily too.

Bex what is a typical day of food for you on a Carnivore Diet?

6-7am I rise and do gut protocol.

I have then my favorite Coffee 32oz. Lots more water.

I work all day then go to the gym for 2-3 hours drink 32oz water get home by 6-7pm.

6-7pm I eat 1/4lb Wagyu beef with salt and sometimes I will add one egg.

8pm I have my favorite cup of Tea. Black or peppermint Chamomile and before bed Calcium Magnesium.

I weight between 58-60kg which is 127-132lb and am 5,9ft tall.

Do I feel hungry? Nope. When the fat has been used up out of my blood stream it grabs what it can from the cell deposit box and it goes from there.

You only eat 1 meal per day? I'd Die!

Remember my body was in a much different state to most everyone else's when they start. You will not be following my protocol unless that is where you body is at. People handling parasites will have a more restricted meal system for a while until the body is relieved of the treat and internal systems can heal and get cleaned up. I used to eat 2 meals per day, then after a while I stopped needing 2. It just naturally occurs. Now some days I might feel the need and then I will. Others I don't need it and so I have just dinner.

So to conclude...

The Carnivore diet is restrictive, it is designed to eliminate allergy foods from your diet so one can reset.

Or people use it as a major healing transition or choose to stay forever eating this way with a few additions like Coffee and a dark green or two.

Food is medicine and when we apply it to life we get results. This way of eating heals! Check out Meat RX Dr Sean Baker's website on Meat eating testimonials. Your mind will be blown. It cleanses and builds entire body systems! It is the only way I can lift heavy weights, walk 3 hours, feel no inflammation and only get good results. This for me as being a big gym goer & athletic type is gold!

Not to mention how lean I look now compared to before? WOWSERS... Win win for me! I wouldn't recommend someone rush out and jump into this without truly considering why they would like to do it. I say that not in a "THERE IS SOMETHING UNHEALTHY ABOUT IT" way. However when you make a drastic change like that out of the blue you will have emotional triggers and social pressure and past emotional attachments to deal with. These can easily trip up the mind that is not prepared for the work it takes to overcome yourself in this process.

I do carnivore diet programs on request only! If this is where you are at. Email me to go over if this is right for you. Then you can go book that initial consultation and get started!

My Carnivore Body in my 30's is stronger, healthier & faster than in my 20's!

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