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Friends and family are tormenting me about my positive changes!

This is the roughest part of the journey to self-betterment. You may find yourself having to let go of some old baggage.

One thing to understand right away and make your peace with is not everyone will make it. Not everyone you love and wish respected you will understand you. You will have to face and confront that you might be in this on your own. You may experience the feeling of being alone and that you have no support community in which you can confide or share these amazing new experiences you are having. As life closes old doors, it most certainly will open new doors. Be ready when it does to step through them and meet like minds.

This is a spiritual journey; you step out of the matrix and cannot expect to have the same old life.

At some point you have asked the universe to be better. Your time has come, and it will take courage and effort to withstand the lack of understanding when you begin to change your diet and life and mindset. Your job is not to win anyone over, it is to simply share your interest in feeling well and happy over feeling like crap and being depressed and never reaching a higher state of being and living. You answer to yourself and God-- make sure you have your ethics in check and do not let yourself be drawn down into the mud because someone else cannot face their inner self enough to ascend to higher altitudes. Not everyone chooses your pathway and once you can make peace with that, new doors will open with each step up you take.

Do not fear the mystery at the edge of uncertainty--for it is there you find the greatest treasures.

Stick with people who bring you up and give you strength, those are your friends. They will never leave you for fear of positive change and they will be there to converse with when you need. When you ask life to change--it will change you in every way you never thought possible. Get ready for the ride.

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