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Using Fat for Fuel and Intermittent Fasting.

What happens when we begin to use fat for fuel?

The Famous Bullet Proof Coffee! Thanks Dave Asprey for this creation!

“When you begin burning fat for fuel your body after a period of time just lets go of the need to eat in the morning--its quite a spectacular thing. All you have to do it just let it happen.”

When we begin this Magical journey of letting the body run the way it is supposed to we learn a few things!

One of the most fantastic experiences I ever had was when I began a Biologically Compatible way of eating my body just stopped urging for food in the morning. What on earth was happening?

I lived my entire life eating breakfast, even though looking back at it-- I was never ever hungry.

I was stuck in some old traditional habit of get up and eat food before work.

My mum did it, so did my father--infact we all just did it.

After I transitioned to this magical way of existing, roughly 6 months into it I no longer wanted food in the morning. I could not believe that this was even real that I was now doing the "famous" intermittent fasting that everyone was talking about. I'm sure you read my personal journey so you know I transitioned to an adapted Carnivore way of eating as my body due to the damage from Mold could no longer process anything but meat and eggs and coffee and a few others. I took it as an exciting challenge to where maybe there was something I could learn of great value.

I would wake up have my favorite Bullet Proof Coffee brand "light Roast" Little MCT and go about my work day. I went many hours of hiking, working and a gym session without needing food. Can you believe this?

At around 12noon I would have lunch which was 1/2 Wagyu beef patty and 1 egg yolk.

Dinner was at 6-7pm Cowboy Ribeye Steak or Rotisserie Chicken with few pork Rinds to crunch.

Loads of water throughout the day and due to my English upbringing you will find ridiculously large quantities of random tea's in there!

When you transition over from Standard American Diet to a Biologically Compatible Diet you will see magical results just spring up!

"I literally never ever have to worry about getting hangry, or if I missed a meal what would happen to my mood or blood sugar! I no longer have my attention on food or what I will eat next or even preparing it "

This transition to self awareness through better nutrition requires much love and understanding. With fierce persistence and help from me you will accomplish your goals! You cannot fail with my by your side, I refuse to leave a soldier on the battlefield!

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