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How to transition into the Carnivore Diet.

Beginning a Carnivore diet is something that could change the very foundation on which you build the rest of your life. Are you onboard? Are you ready?

The easiest way for us to plan this transition is first with understanding the route to arrive there. Lets break this down in steps. 1. Research. You need to understand what the Carnivore Diet is so first step is researching the entire subject. I suggest Dr Sean Baker, Dr Caffe and Dr Ken Berry as a starter to listen and learn about this from a medical perspective. They dive deep into the entire subject and the data you gather will set the stage for the next step.

2. Adopt the thought of change for 2 weeks. Now you understand this way of living you next need to be realistic about what you can emotionally and mentally confront change wise. A normal reaction to hearing about the Carnivore diet is that you get way too excited about eating steak and bacon for the rest of your life. Your eyes expand with the joy and you feel like you have to race to start. Good! This is the right feeling to fill you--this shows you it is the right step. For those of you out there who have addictions to carbohydrates this will be a challenge. Here's why it would be logical to sit with this idea of beginning Carnivore for 2 weeks. This gives the mental machinery that you have built that is attached to food as pleasure or entertainment time to adjust. You will hit into all of your ideas and emotional needs for these old toxic foods when you begin to think about changing and the time period of 2 weeks makes this easier to handle. Some reactions to this change of food can cause your mind to flip into fear mode and you will find yourself binging and acting off the rails. You need time to process changes and this is the logical way to approach it peacefully. The emotional reactions will come and you will need a coach to help you overcome that impulse when it hits you. Addictions to those ideas attached to food items can debilitate your mind and destabilize you so you must have a guide to help navigate through. I have been a Clinical and Functional Nutritionist for over 15 years coaching clients and patients through this stage and I have seen the toughest men and strongest woman lose it and hit into failure and rage over having to give up addictive foods and habits they never realized lay beneath the surface of their conscious mind. 90% of those trying to change their diet have zero understanding of the spiritual mental and emotional challenges that await them. Get my help --you will endure sanely and you will not fail! The time and money is worth it. 3. Start with a transition nutrition program that leads into the Carnivore Diet.

I start everyone off with a transition program. Why? The body is a complex organism, you have molded and shaped it according to your past viewpoints and experiences. Some have underlying health issues that will arise when they begin to change. 90% of people have dysbiosis and infections caused by Candida .A and other parasites. That part will be one of the hardest things to understand because when they begin sending you mental and physical or emotional impulses to eat their food you will not know its not your own thought and you go off the program. These have sent people almost to the point of mental insanity and I have had long roads helping those people off the edge of depression and suicide.

Holy smokes parasites can make you feel depressed and suicidal? This happens when you begin to starve them of their source of food. When you take their food away they first notice this and send out a signal to the other parasites through a sophisticated communication system called Biofilm. This is a structure designed for all pathogens of every type to communicate to each other. It looks like clear thick gel. They attach it to your internal organs. They use this as a means to keep each other informed of the hosts actions. If the host decides he must kill the worms or fungus in the body they send out an alert beacon in the Biofilm communicating this treatment and the parasites build their defense against the treatment. They are an intelligence and they must be understood in order to be successful when transitioning over to a zero or low carbohydrate diet. This is the biggest barrier for almost everyone who has at some point eaten carbohydrates and had any inkling of parasites. You will not even know that the feelings and emotions you might go through are direct signals from the Candida who knows you are thinking of killing it-- so it sends you pictures to your mind of pizza and cheese in an attempt to take over your mind to feed them. This sounds like a horror film and for everyone who I have helped go through this -- this is how they described it. Tara a client of mine 13 years ago - 40 years old and a IFBB pro, had a past history of heroine addiction and currently a carbohydrate addiction. She messaged me one day after consuming the entire batch of cookies saying:

"Bex you wont believe this but I was a Heroine addict and got clean got into body building then noticed I was not able to give the carbs up at all. I felt like something was pushing me to think about pizza and biscuits (cookies) and I literally would feel like I would die if I didn't eat them. Coming off sugar is harder than coming off Heroine--I class this as the hardest drug to break free from, it has literally been hell mentally to the point I was almost put on Prozac because my Dr thought I was losing it." I worked with Tara for 12 months before she was able to transition from Ketogenic diet to Carnivore due to how extreme the parasite (Candida A) infection was. We had to break down the Biofilm communication system so that when we used killing agents they wouldn't send that information out to the other parasites who would block our efforts. We then did an antifungal protocol and Rife treatments because this fungus was so resilient it was almost impossible to clear from the entire body. Note: 90% of ALL clients over 15 years had suffered this. 20% were put on antipsychotic medication by their Dr because of it. They had invading fungus attempting to take over their mind in order to stabilize their own life inside the host body. Yes this is real. Further: All parasite food is everything carbohydrate--their favorite is the starch and higher sugar content foods with exceptions of low sugar foods like cheese, however they will eat all carbohydrates as fuel and then your own damaged cells if they cannot get carbohydrates. You need to understand this before hand so when this comes up in your body if you have this issue you see it and do not mistake it for your own thoughts. Underlying health issues will arise after a period of time on a weight loss diet. They body will throw out toxic fluid edema and then after that it will begin to heal and lastly it begins to burn fat. Did you know if you have adrenal fatigue weight loss will be hell on earth due to those hormone producing organs not being in a optimal state of balance. The adrenals-- if cortisol is off balance, will even suppress digestion leading to gut distress and weight gain and host defense breaches.

Weight loss with Thyroid or adrenal or Candida/ parasite issues that are not addressed will look like this example. Starting weight:


This is how thyroid sufferers come down even when the food and exercise can be perfect. It shows there is still inflammation. Once the underlying parasite or gland issues are handled tmost cases will come down normally on a scale. See why you need a clinical professional trained in this area to help you out? Could you imagine eating what you think is perfect on your program and exercising and doing it all right and then seeing your weight loss look like that? Can you see how insanely complex this entire weight loss thing is if you have a body that is not stable before you start? Think of every time you have tried so hard and failed. This is why--you did your absolute best and now hopefully you can continue the right way and navigate this journey easily. PLEASE make sure it is with the right person. Majority do not even know about this subject and can have you failing again. So get my help and do the transition into Carnivore the right way for your current health situation. 4. Next phase is starting the Carnivore Diet. You made it through the steps and now you are on the pathway to optimal health --congratulations. Pick out your meats for the week and get used to the right portion size for your body and your current level of exercise. Start with 5oz meat at lunch and then 6oz at dinner. See how you feel with this size if you do between 1-2 hours exercise per day 7 days per week. You need to increase the portion size and maybe have a fatty cut of meat if those sizes do not satisfy you and you notice this occurring 5 hours after eating you feel hunger. Try next 6oz lunch and then 7oz dinner. That should do it. But this is how you can begin to notice how to gauge the right amount of food for what your body needs. Adjust when you need to. Too much fat can make you feel heavy and gain weight so make sure when you start out you keep a food diary and you note how you feel hours after each meal. Those coming from chronic illness and body damage may need much less fat. My example of this was after I was sick from Mold anything over 1 Tbs of fat a day would make me sick to the point of throwing up. I could only eat roast chicken with skin on and no other added fat like rib eye. So you must start out low and work your way up.

Fat is so good for the body and without it you will fall into debilitating ailments so just understand the needs of fat in your current diet and do not listen to anyone else on how much they think you should eat. They are no authority over your body. My current daily meal looks like this after years on Carnivore. Morning is Coffee and fasting. Lunch: 1 Chicken Drumstick 1 Egg Dinner: 4 Bacon 1 egg Or Lunch 5oz Tuna

Dinner 4oz Bison and 2 bacon strips or 1 egg. * If I over eat my body will put on weight and I do not feel good. Watch your portions and fat intake. Can you put weight on by just eating Carnivore? 100% Absolutely. So watch your body and notice what works for you. If you need help because this is too overwhelming when you first start come and do my transition program and I will take the guess work out of it for you.

Step 5. Continue to tweak and find what meats work best and stay there. After 12 months you will have changed your entire outlook, health and possibly life. Keep going and let this way of eating heal your body and build the warrior form you are designed to have! Enjoy the road and it is normal for health issues to pop up from the past. Sometimes it takes years to heal from past cellular damage and rebuild an entirely new system. Remember we do this for the best possible health!

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