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How to use Calcium Bentonite clay to detox and heal your skin.

Come join me late night in the kitchen preparing cleaning healing Clay Masks!


Use 1 Tbs Apple Cider Vinegar (Braggs) 1/4 C Clay 1tsb sea salt 1/4 C water and mix all into a paste.

Apply to skin to detox in thin layers. Let sit and rest for 15-20 mins until skin feels tight then rise off and use apple cider vinegar on skin with cotton round and go to sleep. Upon rising wash skin thoroughly and spray with a fine Rose Water mist to hydrate before you moisturize with an organic toxin free cream. For fungus on skin, apply the clay detox mud. Leave till dry rise off and repeat until you notice it declines. For Acne, follow the above method to apply and follow a Carnivore diet. Dirty blood leads to toxic deposits under the skin (Acne) Rife programs are best to cleanse blood systems and filter lymph.

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