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I'm Healthy I just want to lose weight!

So your healthy you just want to shed a few lbs? Wana know how?

Most of us consider ourselves in good health. So for those of you who have no chronic illness presenting, the below will give you a simple step by step to get long term results pretty fast.

So let's skip to the chase, you want to lose 10-20 lbs fast and easy right? Safely too right? You want to keep that fat storage down right? Yep... Ok on to it!

I'm going to give you a simple lay out of how thats done and if you want to do this professionally then see my Transition Program for guaranteed success. My Program is so successful it heals, aids cell repair and grows new cell tissue while burning your body fat as fuel. Everyone loses fat this way-it's not about weight. Weight is whats in your intestine from the day before.

Step 1. Go out and get a Tanita or Body Fat scale. You will be measuring Visceral and Body fat %. Keep it simple with: 1 Protein, 1 Veggie (low lectin) 1 fat (specific amount ). We keep the carbs extremely low to flush glycogen stores and switch to burn fat.

Step 2. Spring filtered water as much as you feel

Step 3. In bed by 10pm sleeping by 10:30pm

Step 4. Cardio style exercise is 60mins brisk walk per day. People that walk do not have cellulite because the Collagen Matrix bands that hold the fat/muscle in place are strong. They must be created with exercise daily. Weak bands = cellulite.

Step 5. You accept and understand you are eating to create cell tissue not to escape your problems nor get external stimulation. It is not food for pleasure it is food for fuel.

That is literally all you need to get fast effective long term weight loss.

Your body is designed to run without carbs and does better using its own fat storage as fuel.

Popular transition ideas like Ketogenic Diet are introductions to Fat as fuel nutrition lifestyles. However what most people do not know is how much fat they should have. If you go to the internet seeking the right answer you will fall into the trap of frustration as the fat % is extremely specific as to how much you need and your Male vs Female genetics come into the equation.

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