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What’s The Reason your other diet changes don't work?

Have you got a story of trying to change your diet only to fail and feel even more frustrated?

Change for the last time! Have the realization and free yourself from debilitating food addictions!

“When we are addicted to food, we become addicts without even really knowing it. When we realize how to stop that cycle and use good nutrition that is anti addictive we break through the shackles.”

Many of you came to me through word of mouth or did some of my advanced or beginner weight loss programs. Some of you from the Bio Toxic Clinic when you were at your lowest point. All of you had the same story. "We did this or that program before and it didn't___________," or "I don't think this will work because I have been low carb and I only lost 5lbs and so now I ______________.". Sound familiar?

Well we all start somewhere but what's important is that you end up here and we focus on the structure of change when you transition from your place now food wise to where I am magically going to take you.

Why your last diet change didn't work and what is required for a program and life change to work.

  1. You mentally prepare for the change by knowing you will begin this new way of eating. That sits with you in your mind for 2 weeks without doing anything about it.

  2. We meet and we go over your needs and wants and also where you failed in the past with other plans.

  3. You learn how this transition will work and you make your decision about this program.

  4. You receive your Manual

  5. You read the education section which involves homework! HAH! you got it, you will be researching and learning and watching documentaries. This is the most important part of your journey. You have not achieved your results because you didn't understand why you were where you were right now. A wise owl once said "What the Soul can confront he can conquer". So you must see what is in your food that is toxic, learn how it effects your physical body and mind, relate it to anything that you have had occur in your body before and then have that AHA moment that you no longer which to pay Big Pharma and Big Food (same guys) to be unwell. In this moment you pull yourself out of the past and this is what you need to be able to truly make that change. Without you realizing why its destroying your life you will not change. This is a personal point of ethics and ethics are personal to each individual.

  6. You feel the excitement building and you go off and shop. You read the back of packets and labels and you know how and what to look for as you understand there will be poisonous additives in your food. So you now have tools and your motivated and you have been able to apply this wisdom to your life.

  7. You begin eating the meal plan designed just for you where you are now. You begin to realize that things pop up in your mind, old memories, old feelings. Some may taunt you to go back to being sick and unwell and you can again make that choice to listen to the old mental pattern which made you overweight or sick or sad or you can continue on your pathway to a better you. You have chosen to pick a better you due to your earlier realization of the old ways will kill you. Isn't it lovely to have the freedom to pick which version of you you'd like to be?

  8. The struggle may continue to pop up in your mind. Each week ending you meet with me your personal guide through this and we go over what came up, how you dealt with it and we go over solutions for the situation. You can not fail! I will not let you.

  9. You get through the first 2 weeks and the struggle has ended and now you are enjoying getting creative with your fatty cuts of meat and clean versions of your old favorite foods. You are flying!

  10. by the end of the program you have had some special revelations personal to yourself and your life. You feel the power that comes with that--the freedom to have broken the mental shackles that held you down for so long. You have a full conceptual understanding that this is a evolving process and you will still be researching and learning and bettering your understanding of Biologically Compatible Nutrition. You get better and better and creating your own ideas and my prayer is that you bring your loved ones, be them family or friends with you for the ride because without understanding the reason why we must eat this way none of us can make it out of this puzzling world alive.

  11. Because you are free and you are happy you share that crucial learning with those you love. You watch their lives flourish and prosper before your eyes and happiness is endless. When we help others we serve a higher purpose and the purpose for each one of us is to make sure we share this wisdom and knowledge and we never hide it away.

  12. THIS IS THE ENTIRE CYCLE OF START TO FINNISH. Now ask yourself did you ever graduate your past programs like this? Did you understand what a true change entails? Was it ever explained to you so you knew what you were up against? No? Exactly so cut yourself some slack. Your here now and that is all that matters. You made it and now you begin to share this love and wisdom with others.

We all begin with mental barriers and doubt. But you cannot fail this program! No-one ever has.

Remember anyone who tells you this is easy is lying to you! If it was easy for everyone I would not have to do this job. No-one would have any ailments and no-one would buy Monsanto's poison in their food. So...Buckle up expect to go through your own darkness. You will not fail with my wisdom and guidance and you certainly will not do this alone. Everyone has fallen off the wagon for a day or so but they get right back on without guilt and shame and keep going. Nothing in life is worth doing if you don't go through the barriers. Life consists of hard work but the hardest work is facing your own self, your own self sabotaging thoughts and ideas. Remember that and you will always be on the right path.

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