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What stops weight loss progress?

So you hit the dreaded PLATEAU! Well your life is over now. hahaha! Nope just kidding, it is an invitation to dig a little deeper into that body of yours and figure out what's going on.

Never reached your goal weight? What happened?

The body is a complex structure. I look at the current state of it as it is when a client first works with me and everything is measured from there. Some start with Lyme's disease, some are pre diabetic or have low testosterone. So remember back to my personal story and then the bio on my life's work, metals and parasites always tend to show up with human bodies and we love to feed them. So what I have seen most commonly is a parasite called Candida Albicans that inhibits weight loss and depending if it has been living inside you for a while this can be a huge stop to people losing weight.

Will you even know if you have this creature living off the food you eat? At times it's noticeable, other times it is not.

What happens when people start to implement Biologically Compatible Nutrition?

  1. First weeks-- toxic load comes off. Usually in the form of edema or water weight.

  2. Week 3 with additional toxins removed from diet, the body begins to level out slightly and adapt to using fat as a main source as fuel.

  3. This gets easier for the body to do all other processes like nightly repair etc and now can focus on internal organ detox with the threat of added poisons out of the equation.

  4. Fat is now your main source of fuel. When low in the blood stream, is pulled from adipose cells, then dumped out into the blood and used as fuel. Cells are storage systems for anything the body deems harmful to the internal system i.e. toxins, parasitic debris, so when this old fat dumps with toxic residues into the blood one can feel certain unpleasant symptoms. This becomes the point where a internal detox takes place. The following may or may not occur--all dependent upon where your body is at when we begin. Some people notice a headache, skin reaction, scalp reaction like scabbing and lumps of puss on the head underneath the hair, this can also trace to the back, shoulders and arms. Some have reported general fatigue or energy slumps during times when insulin would crash--those with thyroid or cortisol pancreas (blood sugar) imbalances can report this around 2-4pm. Time to realign internal systems is required. When these toxins are spotted by the immune system the immune system going into defense mode begins to remove them at once. For those with CIRS this can be rougher as detox pathways lack specific genetic components to remove them. Supplementation is required to aid in the removal of toxins. This can last anywhere from 1- 52 weeks depending on how your body does with detoxing. Those other than CIRS we see this lasting between 1-6 weeks. When I first transitioned to using my own body fat as main source of fuel the toxins would try to remove out of the top of my head. I had huge lumps on my entire head where the poisons where trying to make their way out, this moved to the back of my neck and back of my shoulders for about 2 weeks. My head detoxes that way due to CIRS and having no genetic component to remove them. Each body will handle it according to what state it is in before you make the change.

  5. You move into week 4-6 and you should be feeling clearer in the mind and have a lot more energy. Emotions will feel more so relaxed and at peace as you have freed the internal body systems of heavy toxic load. You are on the right path and your emotions and body feelings present that way. I recommend to zap during this entire process the results occur 2x the speed and kills the parasites that could inhibit weight loss.

  6. You are at week 6 you feel great you have lost a lot of weight. Some of you with CIRS that have parasites if they are not handled and have caused underlying issues like leaky gut, thyroid issues or hormonal stress must do the CIRS/Candida Program you will need to repeat this and give your body more time to heal and let go of the waste within the cells. Candida or worms or what ever is dwelling within must be removed for the body to recover. Those with CIRS will have difficulty with weight loss regardless of perfect diet and exercise. They however are an isolated group and require a delicate approach with supplements, anti-parasitic herbs, structured diet and zapping to get the body relaxed enough and support the weight loss.

  7. Once you are free from internal and external threats the body will move and release weight. Stable piece of information for you is if the weight isn't moving there's further investigation to be had--that is all. Now the extreme of that, is your idea of a goal weight is outrageous to your body so it stays where it is balanced. Hence investigation must occur- that is my job.

  8. People who do a keto diet usually struggle if they have parasites obstructing the process. Why? Ketogenic dieters are still sugar addicts using sweeteners and carbs as crutches. One should not NEED to have sweet additions. Nothing should push you to want this type of fuel unless its parasites, pancreatic afflictions such as blood sugar ails. Those must be in alignment. Sugar feeds parasites and if you are reading this going "WELL IVE BEEN KETO AND GOT FATTER OR FELT SICKER AND HAD NO IDEA WHY OR JUST DIDNT IMPROVE" Now you know that any sugar, any carbs feed these creatures. Important to note you must face yourself which means the reasons why you use food namely sweets to make you feel a temporary release from stress. Coaching is designed to help break you out of this. So be it carbs from nuts or from cheese your not eradicating the parasites at all. Those of you need to do the Candida Protocol which is extremely restrictive food wise, must realize you are applying nutrition to starve the invading threat so you must mentally prepare yourself that this will not be happy times party land. Until Candida/ parasites are removed they can live off the ketones and damaged inflammatory cell tissue within your body, then when not fed go dormant for up to 6 months. So remove remove remove! Zap, Herbs, supplements and the Candida Protocol diet 6 week program is crucial for your success.

  9. Now candida or other parasites nesting inside you can cause cell damage to different organs which manifest as say upsets with immune system, leaky gut, thyroid, hair loss, foggy brain, malnourishment, cancer allergic reactions, so keep that in mind when you first arrive and you start losing weight and then you notice a struggle. This is where zapping will save you much time and mental anguish. We go over your individual situation during consultation.

"So we now know that when we show up and we don't lose all the weight we must further investigate. All parasites should be removed and heavy metals chelated out. The body will let weight drop away when it is not in a highly inflamed stressful state of toxic overload".

The Solution to Parasitic invasion and Toxic Metals and all other inflammatory situations = The Spooky2 Rife Machine.

I used the Generator Pro X Essential Kit. See Pic This is the most advanced Rife Machine on planet Earth right now.

This is what I used to heal my body and along with the Carnivore Diet I got my life back. I highly recommend everyone on earth getting this advanced machine and taking your health into your own hands!

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