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Who fell off the wagon?


Well, it was always going to happen that you might get curious about trying to add back in some food that you used to frequent, only to fall off the wagon and find yourself in an unpleasant mental place. Noone can warn you how detrimental to your focus, self-esteem and health that decision will be but your own conscious self. This is how we evolve and step up--through these learning experiences.

After going back to GMO or high sugar, processed food and falling horribly ill, you will have to suffer through that condition until your blood sugar, immune system (inflammation) and any parasitic infections cease.

It takes only a few days to re-infect the body with parasitic fungi and worms who consume the carbohydrates. It will take many weeks or months to restabilize the body after the immune system gets re-toxified, triggered and produces cytokine storms inside you. The major hormonal systems respond to any toxic food or parasitic invaders, and you will possibly find yourself feeling addicted, hostile, irritated, depressed, tired and foggy. You then will need to spend hundreds of dollars on healing gut protocol items and killing parasite programs in order to recover yourself. This will pass like all situations do in life, but it will not be easy, nor will it be pleasant. The hardest part will be pulling yourself out of the darkness of that decision to sabotage your efforts to live a positive healthier life. However, you will muster up all your determinism and you will push through into the light again. I pray you only need to create this learning experience once so as to not have too much suffering along the way. I do not what hardship for you.

Once you get back on track and you absolutely will--you will be more determined and focused as you have now your comparison to deepen your understanding of this healing process.

Nothing worth doing is easy in life. If you find yourself in the compulsion cycle and you get compelled to eat food you know won't heal your body, it will most likely be a parasitic infection left untreated. The parasites, worms, yeasts fungus or bacteria will communicate in mental image pictures to you, and you will see the food in a mental picture form, akin to if i said close your eyes and see your grandma's haircut. You will find that memory and see that image--this is the same communication system the parasites use to try to command control over the host. They cannot get food any other way.

This is their command behavior:

  1. They will talk to you in pictures and images of their food. You will suddenly get a picture of pizza, cheese or alcohol--whatever they need right then and then they will make that so hard to pass up. If your will is stronger than theirs, they will revert to #2.

  2. Compelling your body with negative emotions and feelings like you will die get that food or feel so bad that you feel uncontrollably restless--you then will become obsessed with that idea. This is the battle inside your body if they cannot control your emotions or mind.

  3. Last stage and this will be the worst--they begin to starve and as a last attempt to control you, they will make you feel suicidal--however it is not you it is their emotion. They are starving to death, and they have the ability to communicate through your body and to your mind. Many poor souls have had this occur only to actually commit suicide and not realize what war was raging inside them. Studies show 75% of suicidal people and those who had gone on shooting sprees were found upon autopsy to have had late stages of fungus infection in the brain. Have you seen the last of us? Why do you think that movie was made? Some people out there know about this, and it is pure evil not to inform the public that such an enemy exists. Reach out to me if you find yourself in this situation, I will help you recover yourself.

Be strong with Rife Treatments, special supplements and a Carnivore diet you can and will overcome these nuisances.

To summate, going off the program to sabotage your body and progress will be the least intelligent thing you will do, however we must learn in order to understand, and it is the journey. Know you can defeat even the toughest of internal situations and I am here to help you, shall you find yourself on a path you do not wish to walk alone.

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