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Is there a Food Addiction AA?? It is even real?!

Did you know Sugar has the same molecular structure as Cocaine and Alcohol? Why do you think those who get clean dive back into replace the drug or alcohol with candy or carbohydrate based sweet things? They are just replacing one addiction with the other

Where can food addicts go to get clean?! Start your coaching with me to help break the addiction!

What is a food addiction? Answer this questionnaire to see if you have a dependency.

When food is used for a particular reason to handle a problem of the mental or emotional nature that over times builds to be a dependence rather then a fuel for the body to use to create cellular life. parasites live on carbohydrates, so you could notice prompts from them for their survival. Take a look below and use these questions as a guide.

  1. I feel good/happy/fulfilled emotionally when I eat my favorite foods.

  2. I need my favorite foods when things in life go wrong.

  3. Food cheers me up when I don't feel happy.

  4. I eagerly await my next meal because food brings me happiness

  5. If you took my favorite foods away I would get upset.

  6. Carbohydrates are one thing I cannot part with.

  7. I get a irritated feeling or constricted feeling in my body when I cant have certain favorite foods.

  8. I feel panicked if I don't get carbohydrate's.

  9. I get angry if I don't eat my favorite foods when I want them.

  10. I cant change my diet or have failed when I have tried to change my diet due to giving up carbohydrate foods.

  11. My day is centered around my meals.

  12. If I do not eat my favorite foods I get a withdrawal type feeling so I must go have it even when I am not hungry.

  13. You want snack or carb foods between meals not when you are truly hungry.

  14. Eat these foods when your bored, but not when your truly hungry?

How did you score? More than 2 = Dependency either emotionally or physically could be parasites. Nuff said now how do we handle this?

Food Addiction is not impossible to solve, but it will take time and effort to change!

Lets look at this and break it down.

  1. Is it parasitic invasion urges to give them their favorite sources of fuel?

  2. Have you used food as a replacement for other ways to cope with problems or stress in life?

  3. Or is your body and mind both dependent on these foods to make you feel better. This is where we need to distance from our personal thoughts or beliefs and take a rational honest look at if we have any of these 3 above going on.

For those of you who have never delved into breaking things down to find a solution I will give you a guide to get there. If you require Food Addiction counseling which I recommend for those who don't feel they can cut this off cold turkey then book a coaching session and I will make you your own program and get you through the steps each day and week and be an accountability partner for you. You are not alone on this journey!

Do not feel too proud to ask for help. I was a sugar addict for most of my life, I was a destructive force at that time due to this problem and I couldn't do it alone. I had to get help and I recommend it.

  1. What is the problem. (Behavior or habit etc )

  2. What happens as an effect of this problem. ( I over eat these and am putting on weight etc)

  3. How do I feel doing this behavior? How does it effect you and your life ( I feel like crap about myself, and I yell at my boyfriend when I get hangry etc)

  4. Bypass these patterns you have been doing that created the issue or problem. ( I have been eating cookies or beer in between meals and after dinner at night --when I am not hungry. I am dependent on them and now I am grumpy tired and overweight. So to bypass them means to stop doing them since the habit created the problem. so a bypass would go like this... I stop buying the beer and cookies (whatever it is your dependent on) and I write down how I feel if I struggle when I don't have that food. I call a friend to help me while I am withdrawing at the time when the craving would come on. If is linked to parasites, I use the zapper and do the anti-parasite diet and supplements to kill the bugs that are driving my cravings. (Step 4 helps you to create a new pathway of solution to aid your recovery. Without tools for any problem you cannot move forward. You must always move forward and not be help down by self sabotaging habits that do not aid your survival or ability to flourish).

  5. Create a solution from your realization of bypassing and write that statement down on paper. ( I will not buy junk food i am addicted to anymore. or I will zap daily to kill parasites and do the anti parasite diet etc). This is your agreement to yourself. YOU MUST KEEP YOUR WORD! Use that as your stable principal to follow so you do not return to the problem.

  6. You continue to apply #4 if you fall off the bandwagon. Then continue through step #5 until you are maintaining your state of freedom from the addiction/dependency habit.

ULTIMATE FREEDOM IS ACHIEVED. Well done, now share this with others that require the help! We must spread wisdom to help all of mankind to flourish and prosper.

Once you remove the addicted foods you must never go back to them!

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